What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing with example

Cloud computing is the new buzz word in IT industry nowadays. Everyone is talking about the cloud computing as the future for next decade or so. However if you are not familiar with what it is all about, I will explain in very simple layman terms about it.

Cloud computing can be defined as delivering the computing or storage service over the internet. If you have ever used the google drive or the drop box, you must have already using the cloud storage services. Here it called as cloud storage because the information is neither stored on your machine. mobile or server. It is stored over the internet. That’s why it is termed as cloud storage.

Lets take a real world example to understand it in more easier way: Assume that for searching the job you have moved to entirely new city. You don’t know anyone there, the first thing which you are looking for is the accommodation. Now for arranging the accommodation you have two options, whether to got for Rental or owned house. Which one you would prefer ?

I guess without any argument you would choose Rental house and probably the reason would be :

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Quick to get
  3. Zero or very minimal maintenance cost and effort
  4. Easy to shift/change (in case your requirement change)

Similarly it is same thing with the cloud. Cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google cloud platform, they provide the cloud services on rental basis. So for example if you are a new startup company or you are thinking to start doing a sample project on some new technology you can opt for cloud services. You can take up servers as per requirement and you have to pay only for the time you use it. Hence the start up cost would be very less instead of doing heavy investment in buying it at first place.

Hence you can think of Cloud service provider as the shopkeeper which provides the IT services (storage, computing, analytical etc) with pay as you go model where you to pay based on your usage. Hence it will eliminate most of the configuration/maintenance headache from you and make you more focused on you business logic.

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Deepak Goyal is certified Azure Cloud Solution Architect. He is having around decade and half experience in designing, developing and managing enterprise cloud solutions. He is also Big data certified professional and passionate cloud advocate.