How long does it take to learn Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform provided by the Microsoft itself. It is the second most popular cloud platform in the world and one of the fasted growing cloud platform in term of customers in last one year. If you are newbie and want to see how much time it will to learn Azure let get in below to see based on various parameters.

Your Current LevelTime it will take
IT-Student6-8 Weeks (2hrs per day)
Non-IT Student10-12 Weeks (2hrs per day)
IT Professional4-6 Weeks (2hrs per day)
Non-IT Professional8-10 Weeks (2hrs per day)
Time it takes to lean Microsoft Azure

Above table is the time duration table, time it will take for learning the Microsoft Azure basic concepts and get up to beginners level. It will take more time for getting on the next level i.e. up to the practitioner or the expert level.

What are the services in Microsoft Azure ?

Microsoft Azure provides over and around 150-200 services. Hence learning all of them won’t be possible and it is also not needed as well. Majorly the services of the azure categorized as follows:

  1. Azure Storage Services
  2. Azure Development Services
  3. Azure Compute Services
  4. Azure Network Services
  5. Azure Application Services

Azure Storage Services

It is the services related to data. Main azure data services are : Azure blob storage, Azure SQL DB, Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Development Services

This includes the devops service needed for the continuous integration and continuous development purposes.

Azure Compute Services

Azure compute services provide the computational power. You can have azure virtual machine, azure functions and various services in this group of services.

Azure Network Services

Azure network services provides the various network related service like azure networks, azure VPN , azure subnet, azure firewall and many more.

Azure Application Services

Azure application services provides the IoT services, mobility services, VR services, and many more specialized set of services.

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What should I learn in Microsoft Azure?

As we saw there are around 150-200 services at the time of writing this blog. It is sometimes difficult to understand from where should I start and what are all services which I should learn. Any aspirant who are from any background whether IT/Non-IT, Student or professional must need to learn at least these set of services :

1. Azure blob storage

2. Azure virtual machine

3. Azure Networks overview

4. Azure database overview

5. Azure Functions

6. Azure Identity and access management

7. Azure cost and security overview

Besides with if possible, candidate must go and validate his/her azure understanding with hitting the Az-900 Microsoft Fundamentals certification exam.

Where I can find Study material to learn Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure has provided the very well structured document that can be a very good starting point. Microso ft has also provided the self paced learning for beginner up to advance level. You can visit the website by following this link

Azure documentation | Microsoft Docs

There are also lot of free videos available on the Youtube which also you can refer in learning and building your azure concepts. You can find the video link below :

IT Skills Upgrade – YouTube

Final Thoughts

Time to learn azure depends on few parameters like your current skills set and experience and up to what level you want to learn. However on an average it will take around 2 months to learn azure. If you are reading up to this point I would must you should go out and learn azure, because it is one of the much needed skill set in today’s time.

Please feel free to let me know if you need any help in learning Microsoft Azure and related services and technologies.