Azure Active Directory Tenant

Azure active directory is the cloud based identity and access control management service. Azure Active directory Tenant represents the organization in the Azure AD. You can consider it as super group which contains user and groups along with the access control to application and resources.

All the use and groups are considered as the object in the Azure AD and they belongs to group called tenant. It gives the flexibility to the admins to defines the roles and access to the organization users at the tenancy level.

We can have single tenant or multitenant application based on the project or organization need.

Single tenant application provide access to users and groups lies within the same directory or called as home directory.

Multi tenant application provide the access to users within and outside the current directory.

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How to create Azure Active Directory Tenant

For creating the azure ad tenant using the azure portal , lets login to azure portal and type azure active directory on search bar :

Azure active directory

Go to the azure directory and click on Create a tenant :

Azure active directory

It will ask you to select the type of the azure ad tenant whether azure active directory or Azure AD (B2C). For now just select the azure active directory and then Click on Next : Configuration :

Azure active directory

Now it will ask to fill in the details of the Organization name, domain name and the Country/Region. Please fill all these informations :

Azure active directory Tenant

By default all the tenant has default domain In this example we

Click on Review + Create :

Azure active directory

You can see all validations are passed and just review all information and click on create.

It will take few minutes to create the azure AD tenant and once its ready you will the see the notification message like this :

When you go the azure active directory you can see the newly created tenant like this :


As we discussed Azure AD tenant is the top level group to hold users and groups within the organization. Tenant creation generally handled by the admin teams. We have seen the step by step guide to create the tenant using the azure portal in this article.


Deepak Goyal is certified Azure Cloud Solution Architect. He is having around decade and half experience in designing, developing and managing enterprise cloud solutions. He is also Big data certified professional and passionate cloud advocate.