Azure Cosmos DB

Overview Cosmos DB

In todays world its very important that your application is fast, highly available. Examples of these applications need to be installed in datacenters that are closely deployed to their users in order to achieve low latency and high availability. Applications need to adapt to massive usage changes at peak hours in real time, store ever-increasing data volumes, and make this data accessible to users in milliseconds.

Azure Cosmos DB is a multi-model database service that is internationally distributed. You can scale throughput and storage elastically and independently through any number of Azure regions worldwide. By using any of several common APIs, you can take advantage of quick, single-digit-millisecond data access.

In order to accommodate continuously evolving data, Azure Cosmos DB supports schema-less data, allowing you to create highly sensitive and “Always On” applications. You can use this function to store information that users around the world update and retain. Azure Cosmos DB offers extensive service level contracts for assurances of throughput, latency, availability, and accuracy.

Azure PostgreSQL

How to create Azure SQL Database

There’s versatility for Azure Cosmos DB. Azure Cosmos DB stores data in an atom-record-sequence (ARS) format at the lowest level. The data is then abstracted and projected as an API that you specify while your database is being built. SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Tables, and Gremlin are among your options.

Main Advantages

  1. Speed Guaranteed on every scale

Gain unprecedented pace and throughput SLA-backed, fast global access, and instant elasticity.

  • Real-time access with global fast read and write latencies, and SLAs-supported throughput and consistency
  • By clicking a button, Multi-Region writes and distributes data to any Azure region.
  • Scale storage and throughput independently and elastically through every Azure area, for infinite scale worldwide, even during unpredictable traffic bursts.
  1. Simplified application development

Develop rapidly over operational data with open source APIs, multiple SDKs, schemalless data and no-ETL analytics.

  • Deeply integrated with key Azure services, including Azure Functions, IoT Hub, AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), App Service, and more that are used in modern (cloud-native) app creation.
  • Choose the native Core (SQL) API, MongoDB API, Cassandra API, Gremlin API, and Table API from various database APIs.
  • Create Core (SQL) API apps with .NET, Java, Node.js, and Python SDKs using the languages of your choosing. Or your choice of drivers for each of the other APIs for your database.
  • Run no-ETL analytics with Azure Synapse Analytics over the near-real time operational data stored in Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Change Feed makes it simple for Azure Functions to monitor and handle changes to database containers and generate triggered events.
  • In order to deliver blazing quick queries, Azure Cosmos DB’s schema-less service automatically indexes all your data, regardless of the data model.
  1. Mission-critical ready for mission

Ensure business continuity for any program, 99.999 percent availability, and enterprise-level security.

  • Zure Cosmos DB provides a full suite of SLAs worldwide, including industry-leading accessibility.
  • Distribute data easily with automatic data replication to any Azure area. By using High Consistency, enjoy zero downtime with multi-region writing or RPO 0.
  • With self-managed keys, enjoy enterprise-grade encryption-at-rest.
  • Role-based access control from Azure keeps your information secure and provides fine-tuned control.
  1. Fully controlled and cost-efficient

End-to-end database management, balancing the application and TCO needs with serverless and automated scaling

  • Fully-managed service with databases. Automatic, no contact, repair, patching, and updates, saving time and money for developers.
  • Cost-effective solutions for any size or scale of volatile or intermittent workloads, allowing developers to quickly get started without having to schedule or manage capacity.
  • The serverless model provides automated and responsive service for spicy workloads to handle traffic bursts on demand.
  • Autoscale supplied throughput, while retaining SLAs, automatically and immediately scales capability for unpredictable workloads.

Solutions that take advantage of Azure Cosmos DB

Any web, tablet, gaming, and IoT application that needs to manage vast quantities of data, reads, and writes for a variety of data on a global scale with near-real response times can benefit from the high availability, high throughput, low latency, and tunable consistency guaranteed by Cosmos DB.


Deepak Goyal is certified Azure Cloud Solution Architect. He is having around decade and half experience in designing, developing and managing enterprise cloud solutions. He is also Big data certified professional and passionate cloud advocate.