Create dynamic dataset in ADF for Azure Sql Db

Azure sql database is highly used database in the azure stack. In this blog we will see step by step guide to create dynamic dataset in ADF for azure sql database. Later on we will use this dataset as source / destination data source. In the dynamic azure dataset you can provide the details as part of parameter or you can provide the table info in the dataset during the pipeline creation.

Prerequisite :

  1. You need to have active subscription
  2. Access writes to create the dataset in adf account.

Go to your azure data factory account (Assume you already have one in case not please refer : )

create dynamic dataset in adf

Click on Author tab

create dynamic dataset in adf

Click on + Sign to add new

create dynamic dataset in adf

There you see couple of options. Select Dataset from the drop down

create dynamic dataset in adf

Select the data store type. In our case it we want to create the dataset for the azure sql database. Search sql and select

create dynamic dataset in adf

Now provide the dataset name and then it will ask you to choose the linked service.

The beauty of adf here is that , you don’t need to identify specific linked service for the azure sql db, (assume you have many inked services for the different type of data source like , mongo db, blob storage etc )

Azure automatically populate the linked service drop with only azure sql database linked service. You can choose the correct linked service from there. (If you don’t have linked service see this : Create Linked Service to connect Azure SQL Database in Azure Data factory

Now you can provide the table name if you are building this dataset for any table in particular or otherwise you can keep empty. We will provide the table name during the use of this dataset in the activity.

Click ok and Congratulation you have successfully create dynamic dataset in ADF.


Deepak Goyal is certified Azure Cloud Solution Architect. He is having around decade and half experience in designing, developing and managing enterprise cloud solutions. He is also Big data certified professional and passionate cloud advocate.