How to create Azure data factory account

Azure data factory is used for ETL , shift and load purpose. It is one of the most popular service in the Azure space. In this blog I will try to show you step by step guide to create your first Azure data factory account. Let’s begin creating our Azure data factory account. Only prerequisite for this is you need to have a azure account with subscription.

Let’s go to azure portal

Now in the search box type azure data factory in the drop down you can see data factory just click on it

create azure data factory account

You can see that there is no did a factory account available click on the plus sign to create a new data factory account

create azure data factory account

For creating data factory account let’s fill up all these information. First enter your subscription then select resource group .If you already have an existing resource group you can select it from the drop down or you can create a new resource group in which you want your adf account to be created. Next we have to give the name of the adf account this needs to be unique across the globe. Select the version as V2 and click Next

create azure data factory account

Click on configure Git later checkbox and move to next (Git is required for devops purpose which I will cover in separate blog.)

create azure data factory account

Make no changes yet keep as it is and click on next

Here also do nothing just click next

You can add tags hear which is optional if you want to skip you can simply click on next

When do you see validation pass you can click on create and your data factory account will be created

When you go back again to data factory you can see your newly create azure data factory account just click on it and it will take you to adf account

Click on Author and monitor tab

This will take you to Azure data factory wizard.

Summary : Most of the time you only need to create one adf account for a environment and then you will create multiple pipelines under the adf account. Now next is to create the linked service and dataset.


Deepak Goyal is certified Azure Cloud Solution Architect. He is having around decade and half experience in designing, developing and managing enterprise cloud solutions. He is also Big data certified professional and passionate cloud advocate.