How to create Linked service in Azure data factory

You must be wandering what is linked service in azure data factory, don’t worry you have landed to right space. Azure data factory helps you to create the data pipelines. When you create a pipeline you probably needed to connect to data sources, on which you operate upon. You may use data mostly for ETL . Lift and Shift or may be for doing some analytics on it using databricks., hive or any other activity.

You can get the data from the external data source using the DataSet. Dataset are nothing but the representation of the data contains by the data source. Now here comes the use of the Linked Service. Linked service in azure data factory are basically the connection mechanism to connect to the external source. It works as the connection string to hold the user authentication information.

For example you want to connect to copy the data from the azure blob storage to azure sql server. In this case you need to build the 2 Linked service. One which is connect to blob storage and other to connect to azure sql database.

There are two ways to create the Linked Service :

  1. Using the Azure Portal
  2. ARM template way

Lets create using the Azure Portal :

Go to your azure data factory account (Assume you already have one in case not please refer : Azure Data Factory)

Click on the Manage Tab to create the linked service.

Click on ‘ + New ‘ or Create Linked Service for creating the linked service.

Based on the data source select the type. In our case it is blob storage :

Now give the name and description based on your choice

Provide the integration runtime (if you don’t have any dedicated integration runtime , choose AutoResolveIntegrationRuntime

In the authentication method select Account Key and select the subscription name and the blob storage account from the drop. This will be auto populated in drop down.

You are almost done, just before clicking just click on test connection to check all is good

Once you see connection successful just click on create and you are done. By this you have successfully created your first linked service.

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