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Lookup activity in adf pipeline is generally used for configuration lookup purpose. It has the source

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Copy activity is one of the most popular and highly used activity in the azure data factory. Copy act

Azure Cosmos DB

Overview Cosmos DB In todays world its very important that your application is fast, highly available

Azure PostgreSQL

Azure Database for PostgreSQL is a PostgreSQL Community Version (available under the GPLv2 license) d

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Azure sql database is highly used database in the azure stack. In this blog we will see step by step

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If you are looking for how to create linked service in azure data factory using sql db you are at the

How to create Azure data factory account

Azure data factory is used for ETL , shift and load purpose. It is one of the most popular service in

What is dataset in azure data factory

In azure data factory as we create the data pipelines for ETL / Shift and load / Analytics purpose we

How to create Linked service in Azure data factory

You must be wandering what is linked service in azure data factory, don’t worry you have landed

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory with practical example Azure Data factory is the data orchestration service provid